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Where will your new dog live?

Where will your new dog live?
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Find the right canine companion for yourself now!

What is a Dog Breed Selector?

A Dog Breed Selector is a tool that helps you choose the best dog breed for your lifestyle, preferences, and living situation. It asks a series of questions about your lifestyle, such as activity level, living environment, time spent outside of home, etc. to help you find a breed that is ideal for you. Based on your answers, the breed selector will suggest dog breeds that may be a great fit. Make an informed decision when choosing a breed with IAMS™ Dog Breed Selector.

How to use the IAMS™ Dog Breed Selector?

At IAMS™, we believe that there is a dog breed for everyone. To find a breed which ticks all the boxes, you must turn towards our Dog Breed Selector. It provides you with a list of breeds that not only best suit your lifestyle, but also have your preferred qualities. All you need to do is answer each question with complete honesty. Also, towards the end of the questionnaire, choose the qualities of your ideal dog in order of importance, so we can find the best dog breed for you. Answer the questionnaire and uncover fur-tastic possibilities.

Find the right dog breed for yourself

Choosing a dog breed for yourself is a significant decision that requires a lot of research and thought. You want a dog breed that adapts to your lifestyle and personality. Hence, consider factors like whether you live in an apartment, have kids at home, etc. While dogs are trainable, you cannot make them do certain things. For example, if your fur baby has to stay alone for long hours, you need an independent dog, whereas, if you live in an apartment, a small dog breed might be ideal for you.

As every dog is adorable and lovable in its own way, finding a breed that’s a perfect match for yourself can be heart-warming. With this Dog Breed Selector, you can fast-track the research process and identify the right dog breed for yourself in a jiffy.

Frequently asked questions

  1. How can I identify a dog breed for me?
  2. Identifying the right dog breed can be a tedious process. You will first have to gauge your needs and then read up about countless breeds to find the right one. However, you can accelerate this process with IAMS™ Dog Breed Selector. Answer 14 simple questions around your lifestyle as well as preferences, and it will find the right dog breed for you.


  3. Which dog breed is best for home?
  4. A friendly, flexible, and easily trainable dog breed is always ideal for domestic living. Here are a few dog breeds you can adopt for your home:

    • Pug
    • Chihuahua
    • Beagle
    • Boston Terrier
    • Poodle
    • Dachshund


  5. Which dog breed is best for me?
  6. Understanding which dog breed is best for you can be a daunting process. Take into consideration factors like activity level, house size, time spent away from home, other pets in the house, and more. Once you have these details in place, gauge multiple breeds against your requirements and find the best dog breed for yourself. For example, if you cannot indulge in exercise with your dog, breeds like pug, bulldog, and dachshund would be perfect for you. 

    You can skip on the aforementioned tedious and lengthy process and choose a smarter way – IAMS™ Dog Breed Selector. It will find the right breed for you instantaneously. All you have to do is answer some simple questions to help the tool understand your needs.